Revealed: The Thrilling Secrets of What Really Happens in Your First Driving Lesson




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Everyone is normally nervous on their first driving lesson but normally by the end of it everyone loves it and is really proud of what they have achieved. Lets see what to expect on our first driving lesson.

1st Driving Lesson

What to expect on your first driving lesson

On your first driving lesson your driving instructor will likely want to see your provisional license just to make sure it is legal for you to drive. Next, depending on where you live the driving instructor will likely drive you to a quiet, safe location. Once there you can begin learning to drive the car. 

Once you arrive in the learning area your instructor will likely ask you to sit in the driver’s seat. This is where you will spend between 20 and 30 minutes without moving the car. Instead you will learn the controls inside the car and the basic cockpit drill. This is something you will have to do every time you get into someone else’s car to make sure everything is suited to you.  Dont panic though once you have learned it the first time it normally only takes a minute to complete.

The second half of the lesson will involve the basics of learning to drive including:

1. moving the car from a standstill

2. learning to stop the car

3. changing gear.

What Shoes Should I Wear To My Driving Lessons?

When choosing shoes for your driving lessons, comfort and safety should be your top priorities. It’s best to wear shoes that provide good grip and don’t hinder your ability to control the pedals. Flat shoes with thin soles are typically recommended as they provide the best feel of the pedals. Avoid wearing high heels, flip-flops, or heavy boots as they can impede pedal control. Also, avoid overly wide shoes as they could accidentally press two pedals at once. Slip-on shoes can be problematic if they slip off your feet while driving.

Remember, the shoes you wear can significantly impact your driving performance, so choose wisely. Try to use the same shoes in your lessons that you plan to use for the driving test to ensure consistency. With the correct footwear, you’ll be one step closer to mastering the art of driving. This tip is part of the preparation process to learn to drive safely and confidently.

When learning to drive everyone thinks you learn eveyrhting while driving the car. As a driving instructor I can tell you that isnt true! Lots of driving can be learned at home through videos and reading which will save you a ton of money. If you want a head start check out our online driving course.

What happens if I make a mistake?

first driving lesson
Student on a Mock Test with Josh The Driving instructor

I try to point this out to everyone, that is what your driving lessons are for.  The day you stop making mistakes is the day you are ready to drive on your own. So don’t panic about any mistakes, just try and learn from them and you will be ready to drive on your own in no time.

You can also find everything else you are going to learn in some of our other blogs below.

If you want to see what a driving lessons looks like check out our video where I teach Curt to drive.


1. What can I expect from my first driving lesson?

During your first driving lesson, you’ll typically learn the basics, like understanding the controls of the car, starting and stopping, changing gears, and basic traffic rules. Your instructor will make sure this experience is conducted in a safe and controlled environment.

2. How should I prepare for my first driving lesson?

Make sure you have a good night’s sleep before your lesson and eat a light meal beforehand. Bring along your provisional driving licence and wear comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes for easy control of the pedals.

3. Will I start driving straight away in my first lesson?

While it varies, most instructors will start the lesson with an introduction to the vehicle’s controls and basic theory. You will usually start driving during your first lesson, but this is often conducted in a quiet, traffic-free area.

4. What is cockpit drill, and will I learn this in my first driving lesson?

Yes, the cockpit drill is a fundamental part of your first driving lesson. It’s a routine check to ensure that you’re seated correctly, mirrors are well-adjusted, and that you understand the car’s controls before you start driving.

5. How long does the first driving lesson last?

Typically, driving lessons last between 1 to 2 hours. However, your first lesson might be shorter or longer depending on your comfort level and the driving school’s program.

6. Will I learn to steer in my first driving lesson?

Yes, steering is one of the fundamental skills you’ll start learning in your first driving lesson. Your instructor will guide you through correct hand positioning and how to safely turn the vehicle.

7. Is it normal to feel nervous before my first driving lesson?

Absolutely, it’s normal to feel a bit nervous before your first driving lesson. Remember, your instructor is trained to help beginners and will ensure you’re comfortable before you start to drive.

8. How many lessons will I need before I can drive on main roads?

The number of lessons required before you can drive on main roads varies between individuals. Your instructor will not let you drive on main roads until you’ve mastered the basics and they feel you’re ready.

9. What should I do if I don’t understand something during my first driving lesson?

If there’s something you don’t understand during your lesson, don’t hesitate to ask your instructor. They’re there to help you, and no question is a silly question when it comes to your safety on the road.

10. How can I maximise my learning from the first driving lesson?

Stay focused, listen carefully to your instructor, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. After the lesson, it can be helpful to make notes about what you’ve learned, any areas of difficulty, and what you wish to work on in the next lesson.

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