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how to book a driving test fast

As a driving instructor one of my biggest challenges is try to get students to book a driving test. I spend 30+ hours with someone desperate to get there licence and then we are in this endless loop of trying to get a driving test. Luckily I have the best route to get that driving test fast.

If you would prefer to see a video on this check this out from me, Josh the driving Instructor :

The stages to book a driving test fast

Stage 1: The first stage is to book a driving test on the DVSA website

The hardest bit for most of my learners is actually getting a driving test fast in the first place off of the DVSA website. There never seems to be any driving tests available. Here is how you get around that.

First you search for a driving test in your nearest test centers. Try and do this up to 6 months from the current date.

If you try booking this any time after 6 months the website will always say “No Tests Available”. This is because driving test dates are only shown up to 6 months ahead. If you cannot find a test at your local test centers then start searching further a field.

Do not worry you are not going to have to sit a driving test on the other side of the country. This is just to get a test date in the system so you can then book a driving test fast . All you really need is the reference number for the driving test which we need to get a super fast driving test.

Easiest way to find the surrounding driving test centers is pop onto this website:

This will show you all the surrounding test centers. If you cannot find a single test in nay of these pop a postcode in for another city or town and try with those test centers. Once you find a test book it asap using the correct email address. Then make sure you have the reference number. Once you have this move on to stage 2

Stage 2: To book a driving test fast download a reliable Driving test Cancallation App such as Driving test Now

Now you have booked a driving test on the other side of the UK in Timbuktu for 5 months away. This all doesn’t sound so good but don’t panic you have done the right thing. Now we need to find that cancellation app. Choose the right cancellation app for you but I always recommend:

What is a Driving Test Cancellation App?

These apps can help you book a driving test fast by monitoring the DVSA booking system for newly available slots. The DVSA recently made some changes making cancellation apps less effective than before because they were often being abused. There are 2 types of cancellation app.

Benefits Of Using a Driving Test Cancellation App

Can book a driving test fast sometimes as early as the day before.

Can move your driving test further ahead if something gets in the way which is important if you have gone past the minim 10 days cut off period as you would normally be charged.

You can easily move your driving test between test centers around the country

Types of Cancellation App

Notification Only Driving Test Cancallation Apps

You have the one type such as testi which constantly scans the DVSA database for newly available tests and cancellations. It then notifies the user being you or me at which point who ever races across to the DVSA website first gets the test. The problem with this is if you work or have limited time trying to get that single test before the rest of the world is very hard going.

There is always someone faster. So this is very effective if you have lots of time and constantly sit there at a desk with time to refresh the app every 2 minutes. This will work as I have many learners who had to sit multiple tests and managed to get a test every 2 weeks or so in 2023 because they refreshed the app regularly. If you are not that person then you need the second option

Automated Driving Test Booking Apps – Book a Driving Test Fast

The second option is to download an driving test cancellation app that automatically books a driving test for you. These work by constantly scanning the DVSA database for driving test cancellations. These are driving tests that’s have already been booked which can then be moved to someone else. There are lots of these types of app available if you search for them in the app store or google. The beauty of this type of app is that you can set the app with your availability including:



Test centers

Once you have filled this in and ticked the auto booking box the app will automatically find an allocate a driving test within those specific dates and time. This is far easier if you work full time and do not have time to regularly be searching for driving tests.

How To Use Driving Test Cancellation App

Step 1: Sign Up and Provide Your Details

After downloading the app, sign up and provide your driving test booking details. This includes your driving license number, theory test pass certificate number, and the current test booking reference number. The app will use this information to access the DVSA booking system on your behalf.

Step 2: Set Your Preferences

Customize the app’s settings by selecting your preferred test centers, test times, and specific dates. This will help the app filter and find the most suitable available slots for you.

Step 3: Allow the App to Monitor DVSA Booking System

The app will continuously monitor the DVSA booking system for any new slots that match your preferences. As cancellations can occur at any time, most apps will run 24/7 to ensure they catch any available slots as soon as they appear.

Step 4: Receive Notifications and Book Your New Test Slot

When the app finds a suitable driving test cancellation that matches your preferences, you will be notified through the app, via email, or by text message. Depending on the app’s features, it may automatically book the new test slot for you or require you to confirm the booking manually. Remember, test slots can be taken quickly, so it’s essential to act fast.

Step 5: Confirm Your New Test Date

Once you’ve successfully booked the new test slot, you’ll receive a confirmation from the DVSA with the updated test details. The app will usually stop searching for further cancellations unless you request it to continue searching.

Final Thoughts: How to Book a Driving Test Fast 💭

In this current day and age driving test cancellation apps will save you time and help you get an earlier driving test date. By following these simple steps and choosing a good app, you can significantly increase your chances of getting an earlier test appointment. Just always make sure you are ready for your driving test before going for it. It’s not safe for you, the driving examiner and everyone else om the road otherwise. It also takes the driving space from someone else. If you are not sure get a mock test from a qualified driving instructor and remember there is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion

FAQ – Book a Driving Test Fast

How can I get a driving test appointment quickly in the UK?

Booking your driving test quickly in the UK can be accomplished online via the official Gov.UK website. Ensure you have all required documents ready, including your UK driving licence number, theory test pass certificate number, and a credit or debit card for payment.

Can I secure an earlier driving test appointment?

The availability of driving test appointments largely depends on the demand at your local testing centre. To secure an earlier slot, check the website frequently for cancellations or newly opened slots or use a cancallation app such as Driving Tests Now.

How do I prepare for my driving test in a short time?

To get ready for your driving test swiftly, it’s advised to study the Highway Code thoroughly, take numerous practice tests, have ample practical driving practice, and consider enrolling in an intensive driving course if possible.

Are weekend driving test slots available?

The offering of weekend driving tests differs from centre to centre. Some may provide weekend appointments, while others might not. Check the Gov.UK website or get in touch with your chosen test centre for specific information.

Can I reschedule my driving test to an earlier date?

Yes, you can generally reschedule your driving test to an earlier date if one becomes available. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the rescheduling policies on the Gov.UK website.

Are there services that can assist me in booking a driving test quickly?

Indeed, there are third-party services that can aid in finding and booking driving test appointments. Remember, these services often come with a fee and it’s important to choose a trusted and reputable service provider.

Am I allowed to take my driving test at any testing centre?

You should be able to take your driving test at any Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) testing centre across the UK. It’s always prudent to confirm this with your specific testing centre.

How far ahead should I book my driving test?

Booking times can vary widely depending on your location and the time of year. It’s generally suggested to book your driving test at least 1-2 months in advance to ensure you get your preferred date and time.

What’s the fastest way to retake a failed driving test?

If you don’t pass your driving test, there’s usually a compulsory waiting period before you can retake it. This waiting period is often 10 working days in the UK. Utilise this time to gain as much practice as you can to increase your chances of passing on the next attempt. You can however begin booking a driving test the day after your previous driving test. THis means you can start the process again of booking a test through the DVSA website and set up a driving test cancellation app to book a driving test fast.

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