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I am Josh the driving instructor, and I’m here to help you get that driving test success. Welcome to DrivingTestExpert, where our mission is to make learning to drive a fun and helpful experience!

I’ve been a driving instructor for over four years and I still love it. I have been fortunate enough to be able to combine my passion for teaching and being my own boss into a career that lets me run my own life while being unbelievably rewarding by helping people as well. Before being a driving instructor, I was a secondary school science teacher, but I did not enjoy marking books and having to deal with the boss, which is what led me to the world of driving instruction.

As a qualified driving instructor and a recognized online authority within the driving instructor community, I have the skills to show you the way through your driving journey. My teaching style is always personal, realistic, and tailored to the real driving world because after all that is what we are going to be doing. I understand that everyone learns differently, so I always aim to think outside the box to make sure you get the best possible experience.

DrivingTestExpert is not just another generic driving blog. We specialize in teaching people to drive and properly preparing them for the driving test. We also help to train aspiring driving instructors in their goal to join the driving world. Our goal is to provide valuable content that answers your questions related to learning to drive, offers driving test tutorials, and helps you become a confident and safe driver but is also not the most boring thing you have ever read.

Apart from the blog, you can find my YouTube channel, “Josh the driving instructor,” with over 10,000 subscribers. I’m also active on Instagram (Josh_the_drivinginstructor) and TikTok (joshthedrivinginstructor), where I share more driving tips and interact with my followers.

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In addition to the free resources on our website, I offer an online driving course designed to help you pass your driving test faster and save money by learning the theory side of driving alongside your practical lessons.

Join us on this exciting journey to make learning to drive fun, engaging, and informative. Let’s hit the road together!

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